Diesel Truck Repair and Heavy Duty Towing

As an experienced towing service in Edinburg, you can be sure that we have the equipment to tackle any job, no matter how large. Our semi-truck towing services provide the same level of professionalism and customer satisfaction as our other services, at a price that’s easy to swallow.

We don’t want anyone to be stranded simply because the vehicle they’re driving is too large, so we have experienced operators who can skillfully get your semi or other large vehicle where it needs to be. 

Of course, not all jobs are “heavy duty” due to the size of the vehicle being towed. If your vehicle is stuck in thick brush or heavy mud, you’ll need the muscle to remove your vehicle safely and efficiently, even if you’re driving a small car.

We have winches, cables, lifts, and other equipment available at a moment’s notice to ensure your car won’t be stuck for long, no matter what situation you find yourself in. 

This heavy-duty equipment also enables us to be of assistance if you find yourself stuck out in the field in a tractor or other farm implement. When it comes time to harvest, we know that time is money, so rather than trying to pull yourself out of a sticky situation, let us come assist you and get you back on the right track.

​Additionally, if you need semi truck towing, chances are we’ve got the equipment to be able to tow it. Your tough job is no match for our wide array of equipment and years of experience.

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