Long Distance Towing

Murphy’s Law applies just as much, if not more, to car breakdowns as it does to any other situation in life. That is, if and when your car does break down, it will likely be at the worst possible place that’s as far away from home as possible. Fortunately, our long distance towing service means you never have to worry “if there’s a tow truck near me.” 

All of our services are available a considerable distance from our main service area, meaning you can receive the same quality and dependable service when you’re far away as you can when you’re in town. This prevents you from having to trust another towing service with your vehicle, putting you at risk of being overcharged, or worse. While it may not seem like much of a big deal, when you’re in the middle of a breakdown situation, this convenience can be a lifesaver. 

After all, they say that “everything is bigger in Texas.” The Edinburg area is no exception, meaning as you travel the local roads, you could quickly find yourself well outside the city, which is right when that unexpected and unwanted breakdown will occur. 

Our long distance towing services are like an insurance policy that you carry with you when you’re away from the city, a lifeline that provides quality wrecker services at a reasonable price. In fact, a reasonable price is the true key to the confidence you can have in our services. As a cheap towing company, even long distance tows won’t break your bank.

If your vehicle needs long distance towing to another city or part of the state, let Edinburg Roadside Assistance & Towing be the company that provides you with these services. Give us a call today for a free estimate of how much your long distance towing service will cost.


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