Edinburg Mobile Mechanic

Many times people think they need to call a tow truck when they have problem with their vehicle and they are stranded on the side of the road. However, most vehicle problems can easily be fixed by one of our mobile mechanics without needing to tow your vehicle.

A mobile mechanic or a roadside mechanic is someone who can come service or diagnose your vehicle’s problem wherever your vehicle is located. In almost every situation this can save you both time and money  over the traditional approach of having your vehicle towed to a mechanic and then waiting for the mechanic to become available to service your vehicle.

Some common problems we help our customers with include:

Almost immediately after you call, our team will dispatch one of our professional mobile mechanics equipped with all the necessary tools, equipment and machines to diagnose and service the most common problems causing your vehicle to be stranded on the roadside.

When we arrive at your vehicle our friendly mechanic will begin reviewing your vehicle’s symptoms and start to diagnose the problem. We will also work closely with you to discuss what we think is the problem and how much the repair will cost before we begin.

Once we identify the problem we will begin quickly repairing your vehicle. Many times we can fix the issue in an hour or less and before you know it you will be back on the road with the assurance your vehicle has been well taken care of.

What if we can’t fix the problem?

Sometimes your vehicle breaks down and we cannot fix the problem on the roadside. When this happens, you need a professional towing service to safely haul your vehicle to a certified and qualified mechanic.

We always let our customers decide which mechanic they would like for their vehicle, but if you aren’t from the Edinburg/RGV area, we can provide you with a list of the best and most trusted mechanics we work with on a regular basis.

Why Choose Us

At Edinburg Roadside Assistance & Towing we proudly provide our customers with the best, most professional and most affordable mobile mechanic and roadside mechanic services in the greater Edinburg area. When you give us a call you trust and know your vehicle will be placed in good hands and treated with top-notch, A+ service. Call us today for a 24 hour 7 days a week roadside emergency service and assistance.


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