Roadside Assistance and Towing Services in Weslaco Texas

If your vehicle is stranded on the side of the road, and you need roadside assistance or emergency towing, call the experts at Edinburg Roadside Assistance and Towing. Although we have Edinburg in our name, we also provide emergency roadside service to anyone in or around the Weslaco area.

The reason we service Weslaco, Texas with roadside assistance and towing services is because we are conveniently located near the intersection of highways 69c/281 and Interstate 2. We can almost always have a mechanic at your vehicle’s location in 15 minutes or less. We understand first hand the need for urgency when your vehicle is stuck on the side of the road, and because we are a 24 hour towing service, we are here to help you anytime of day, rain or shine.

When you give us a call, we will immediately begin asking you questions about the incident that caused your automobile to break down. As we are asking your questions and helping diagnose the problem, we will dispatch one of our expert towing professionals and mechanics to your location to get started fixing the problem right away.

Common Causes For Needing Towing or Roadside Service in Weslaco, Texas

There are many common causes for needing roadside assistance.

One of the most common needs of 24 hour vehicle help is a flat tire. If you’re lucky, we can fix your flat tire on site and get you back on the road as if nothing ever happened. However, if you were driving down the road and you heard a loud explosion, its likely your tire had a blow out.

​Unfortunately, blown out tires cannot be repaired with a standard tire repair kit. If you hit a nail or screw or some other small metal object on the road, we can usually remove the piece lodged in your tire and repair the hole with a rubber insert and some tire cement. However, if your tire has blown out, it means your tire has a large hole or gouge in it and it cannot be repaired.

A dead battery or bad alternator are other common causes of your vehicle breaking down. Your car or trucks alternator is responsible for keeping your battery charged as you’re driving down the road. The electronics in your vehicle, such as your lights, radio, and computer systems require battery power to function. Your alternator takes power from your engine and uses it to recharge your battery. When your alternator quits functioning, your battery quickly runs out of juice and your vehicle stops running. If this has happened to you, we will have to tow your vehicle to a qualified mechanic for a repair. If your vehicle’s alternator is fine, we can quickly jump start your vehicle and get you back on your merry way.

Other common causes of needing roadside assistance include getting locked out of your vehicle, your transmission going bad, running out of gas, or some other issue with the drive train of your car, truck, van or SVU. No matter what problem you’re vehicle is facing, our expert mobile mechanics will come to your vehicle and do whatever we can to fix your problem on the roadside. If for whatever reason we cannot fix your vehicle, one of our light duty or heavy duty tow trucks will easily haul your vehicle to a mechanic of your choice for diagnosing and repair.

Why Choose Us

Your vehicle is in good hands with the certified professionals at Edinburg Roadside Assistance & Towing. Before we begin any repair, you can rest assured we will give you a fair estimate of the work we are about to perform. We know nobody likes to be ripped off or scammed by a towing company, and in many cases this is someones worst fear when they call a roadside assistance company nearby. When you call us, you can rest easy knowing one of our team members will treat you with professionalism and kindness. After we finish helping you out, we know you’ll be more than happy to give us a 5 star review!


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