Mobile Diesel Truck Repair and Heavy Duty Towing

At Edinburg Roadside Assistance & Towing, two additional services we offer are mobile diesel truck repair and heavy duty towing.

When your semi-truck or other large vehicle has some kind of mechanical issue on the road, we know first-hand you want to get it fixed as quickly and correctly as possible.

Because our roadside diesel mechanics have repaired hundreds of trucks of all various shapes and sizes, we are very familiar with the many common problems causing your truck to start having roadside issues.

Your semi-truck is a highly specialized machine designed with one purpose in mind: hauling heavy loads. Many components go into creating these powerful machines. The diesel engine is known for lasting hundreds of thousands and even millions of miles.

The precision tuning of these machines helps them haul thousands of pounds of cargo and equipment. The suspension and drive train of these machines help them maintain power while driving up hills or hauling a maxed out payload.

All these reasons and more are why we highly recommend calling our team of professional roadside diesel mechanics if you know or suspect your truck is having any kind of issue at all.

Diesel Truck Roadside Assistance

If your truck is having some kind of engine problem, more often than not our team can come to your location, correctly diagnose, and then fix the problem you are having.

We will first spend time asking you about the problems you’re big rig was experiencing that caused you to pull over. Next we’ll begin our routine diagnosisprocess to try and identify exactly what may be causing the problem with your truck. After that we will attempt several common repairs we’ve used to fix diesel engines in the past.

Almost always our mobile mechanics can determine what’s causing your issues with your diesel motor, and we can fix the problem on site with the special tools and equipment we bring with us in our wrecker trucks.

However, if we are unable to fix the problem, we can quickly provide you with heavy duty towing to get your truck to a certified diesel mechanic of your choice.

Heavy Duty Towing

If our mechanics are unable to repair your semi-truck, we’ll call in our heavy duty tow trucks to haul your 18-wheeler to a diesel mechanic nearby. These semi tow truckscome equipped with massive engines capable of hauling your fully-loaded truck and trailer tens of hundreds of miles if necessary.

​Sometimes people call us wanting to have their big rig towed just a few miles to a nearby mechanic. However, other times the cargo in your truck is on a tight delivery schedule and needs towed immediately to its intended destination. Whether you need short distance towing or long distance towing, we are here to help.

Call Us Today

Give us a call today for friendly, professional 24 hour truck road service help. When you call us, you can know for certain your truck will be taken good care of. We know these semi-trucks can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sometimes the load in your trailer can cost just as much or more.

We will take great care of your truck and trailer, and do whatever we can to get you back on the road in as little time as possible.


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