Vehicle Jump Start Edinburg, TX

Another service, among many others, that can help get you on your way is our jump start battery service. When your car won’t start, a thousand different things race through your mind. “Do I have any gas?” “Is my alternator or starter bad?” “Has my engine blown up?”

Fortunately, though, this scenario usually revolves around the most simple explanation: an expired battery. Rather than having to find a stranger who can help you jump your vehicle, give us a call and we’ll be with you in no time at all.

No matter what type of vehicle or how expensive of a vehicle you have, a dead battery is something that everyone goes through from time to time.

What Your Battery’s Used For

In your vehicle, your battery is used for a number of important functions, the most important being starting your car. Your vehicle uses the power from the battery to help light the spark plugs which in turn ignite the gasoline and get your engine turning.

Your vehicle’s battery is also used for turning on your lights, blowing cold or hot air into your vehicle, powering your car’s navigation system, and charging your cell phone. You may wonder, how does my car battery last so long when my cell phone battery barely lasts a day?

The secret is your vehicle also has a mini-generator to recharge your battery called an alternator. The engine turns the alternator which in turn keeps your battery at full charge. However, just like the battery in your cell phone, over time the cells wear out and don’t hold as much charge and also refuse to be recharged again.

Another common reason for a dead battery is you (or your children) accidentally left your outside or cabin lights on and your battery is completely drained.

Whether you need a new battery or your battery’s drained because of an innocent accident, your vehicle’s battery doesn’t have enough juice or power to get your vehicle started and the worst happens: you are stranded in Edinburg and you need a jump start.

Our Professional Roadside Services

Edinburg Roadside Assistance & Towing is prepared to handle whatever type of roadside emergency you need. If you vehicle does indeed have a dead battery, we have both jumper cables to jump start your vehicle and specialized equipment to test whether your battery can really be jump started or not. 

In the case we cannot jump start your battery, we will happily tow your car or go get a new battery for you. We will also replace your old battery with the new battery so you can quickly get back on the road and onto your final destination.

We’ve helped hundreds of customers with all their dead battery and jump start needs and we look forward to the opportunity to have our professionals come to your assistance today!

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